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Ashtanga Primary Series, a challenging flow class with a defined sequence of poses, uses an intense breathing technique and pays special attention to alignment. Introduction to yoga is required before taking Ashtanga.
Gentle Flow is for those wishing to counteract the effects of osteoporosis, back pain, arthritic joints and surgery. This class works on principles of alignment, using slow gentle stretching tied together with breath. This class is open to anyone, regardless of previous yoga experience.
Modified Ashtanga is an hour long vigorous flow class. After beginning with Sun Salutations, the sequence of poses is a subset of the Ashtanga Primary Series. This is a great class for student athletes who are not currently in a sport, and for all others who prefer a more physical yoga practice.
Intro to Yoga teaches breath and the benefits of basic postures (six week sessions).
Hip Openers focuses on your lower half from the waist and down. Feet, legs, hips and the abdominal core form the foundation in other poses. Strengthening and opening these parts helps with all forms of yoga practice.
Vinyasa Flow as taught by Kira, begins with a gentle warm up by awakening the spine through subtle movement and breath. Next we stoke the inner fire by amplifying our pranayama and moving through sun salutations. The continued emphasis on breath leads our body into and out of postures safely. First, we hold the poses to align ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. After we have fine-tuned our body and mind in each asana, we link them as a “one breath one movement flow” or a “vinyasa style”. The vinyasa style gives us the opportunity to practice inner and outer grace through the connection of breath and movement. After we have heated the body, we practice balancing and releasing the outer and inner self. Class ends with a cooling guided deep relaxation. Please join us on this journey of unveiling truth!
Yin Yoga aims to stretch the connective tissues around joints. This is done by emphasizing long held poses, which also allows for more focus and concentration.
Happy Hour is a shortened Ashtanga Primary Series, modified to fit within an hour. It is the same as the Modified Ashtanga class.
Drop-ins are always welcome. We love to have students visit and practice with us! You are also more than welcome to come and watch a class. 

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