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Workshops at Yoga Loft in Willmar, MN

We have a NEW workshop with Doug Keller coming in February. Check back with this page for details and other events that will be added as they become available.

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Workshop with Doug Keller

April 6-7 2018   Download the Flyer to register

YogaLoft Willmar MN

Yoga practice is not an end in itself, or even simply a means of ‘transcendence.’ It is a tool for being in our bodies and being with ourselves. In a simple way, yoga is about our relationship to our body and mind; this workshop will be about enhancing that relationship in can-do ways. In the bigger sense, Yoga is about our relationship to the Self from whom we came — which grows through our relationship to the self we are coming to be.

This will be an all-levels workshop on deepening these inner relationships, which will be informative to teachers and enlightening, encouraging and inspiring to students!

Friday Afternoon Teachers’ Session:  Sacral Rhythm and Low Back Health

At the center of all movement lies the sacrum, the keystone of the pelvis, which regulates the curve of the spine as well as the ‘openness’ and flexibility of the hips. Much of yoga has focused on the suggested actions of the tailbone — even in describing ‘Mula Bandha’ — but has given little attention to the natural actions of the sacrum. This leaves the ‘tail’ wagging the ‘dog.’

This session will go deeply into the details of understanding Sacroiliac, Pelvic and Low Back Pain, in terms of sacral stability and the rhythms of its movement in the sacroiliac joint. This will include an understanding of patterns developed during pregnancy and postpartum — and will include plenty for the guys to contemplate in their own case too! — as well as in postural and movement patterns.

The session will include lecture with very practical and illustrated information about pelvic and low back pain, as well as applications in practice. We’ll be doing asana, but this won’t be a sustained asana ‘workout.’

Friday Evening: Getting ‘Unstuck’ — How to Work With (And Through) Blocks in Your Practice

This asana session will put into practice the ideas on sacral health and stability from the afternoon session, in simple can-do terms that will be easily understood even by those who missed the afternoon session.

In this session we’ll focus on some simple actions to be incorporated into asana practice that will strengthen the muscles supporting the actions of the sacrum, increasing the stability of the sacroiliac joint as well as the health of the low back and flexibility of the hips. Attention will be given to the causes of sacroiliac and low back pain in a way that will be useful to teachers and enlightening to students. This will include consideration of typical blocks we encounter in practice — ‘stuckness’ from hamstring and hip tightness, as well as shoulder tightness and limitations — and alternative approaches to ‘getting into the pose.’
This will include some respect for the curve of the knees — the well-being of the knees in forward bending as well as backbending and hip openers.

Saturday Morning: Breath and Asana with a Twist: The Chest is Part of the ‘Core’ — With Some Help from the Arms

Most asanas involve and element of a twist, and for good reason: this is part of working the ‘Core’ in a way that frees the neck and shoulders, and connects to the lower body and sacrum, enhancing freedom in movement.
The breath is part of this, and is key to the connection between upper and lower body via the ribs. Sacral rhythm — as covered on Friday — depends upon this, and neck and shoulder health are intimately tied to our breathing patterns as well. 
Asana practice is an opportunity to explore vital ‘Core’ actions in twisting, as well as to use the arm and neck actions in the poses to deepen our experience of the breath. The ‘Ujjayi’ breath is at the center of healthy diaphragmatic breathing in the poses, but the actions of the neck and shoulders are crucial to doing it well.
Shoulders, shoulder/arm actions and shoulder ‘opening’ will be a key part of this!

Saturday Afternoon: Pranayama is More than the Breath

20th century yoga has often placed greater emphasis on the physiological processes of the breath — the muscles and movements involved — while early or ‘Classical’ yoga focused almost exclusively on ‘kumbhak’ or breath retention as the essence of ‘breath control.’
A rich period came in between that focused more on the processes of inhalation and exhalation (while refining ideas of breath retention), but not just from a physiological or even technique-obsessed perspective. Visualization, location of awareness in the body (sometimes involving marma), mantra awareness as well as awareness of subtle blocks or ‘knots’ (‘granthis’) to be ‘pierced’ that had elements of emotion and of the subconscious — all of these were elements or aspects of pranayama.
This session will be part ‘history,’ part practice, rediscovering these elements of what is often described as the more ‘tantric’ era of pranayama practice connected with hatha yoga — and which are closely related to the emerging practice of yoga nidra and ‘Laya’ yoga.





at  THE YOGA LOFT, Willmar MN

Friday and Saturday Sept 15 and 16 2017

 Friday 4 to 7 pm       "Do your practice and all is coming" Sri K Pattabhi Jois

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic practice where  breath is synchronized with movement to produce a calm mind, a strong healthy body, and a deepened sense of spiritual connection.  Govinda will share with us his experience of studying with Ashtanga Guru Sri K  Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India from 1995 until Jois' death in 2009 and Govinda's continuing interaction with yoga students all over the world who are following this method.  He then will lead us through the Ashtanga Primary Series with time for adjustments and modifications to make it safe and accessible for everyone.

Saturday 9 to Noon - An introduction to and exploration of The Ashtanga Second Series

 Nadi Shodana- In the second series of Ashtanga the practitioner is introduced to a sequence of progressive back bends and arm balances which compliment and act as  counter pose to the intense forward bending of the primary series .  Lots of modifications and adaptations will be presented in this exploratory workshop to make it accessible to everyone.

Saturday   1-4 pm   Chanting connects us on a deep emotional level to refined states of consciousness,  and to each other.  Govinda will lead us through a series of chants and mantras.  No prior chanting experience is needed. The Bhagavad Gita is the seminal yoga text where Arjuna is confronted with a thorny moral dilemma.  Krishna reveals himself and expounds on 3 major paths of yoga.  Govinda will talk about how we can apply the lessons of the Gita to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. Pranayama is the fourth of Patanjali's 8 limbs of yoga.  Govinda will introduce us to the practice of pranayama in the Ashtanga tradition

registration $150  send your payment by check to: Yoga Loft : attention Mary Beth Nehl

 7215 Highway 71 NE Willmar MN 56201 or Call 320 214 7231

Govinda Kai is a Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor who for years has presented workshops in Asia and Europe and North America.  We are excited to have him visit Willmar!



Workshop with Dr. Indu 

  Dates to be determined.

* Private Consults available for $150. Call in advance to schedule. 320.214.7231

Dr. Indu Arora is a true Yogini by Karma. She is highly accomplished international speaker, Master Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist, a Registered Ayurvedic Clinician, Healer and Author, with more than 35,000 hours/ 13 years of teaching experience. She is a Registered Ayurvedic Clinician 4500 Hours through AAPNA and an Academic Board member of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of Northern America, Board member of the World Movement of Yoga and International Advisor to World Yoga Council. She hasa Doctorate in Alternate Medicine (MD) and Awarded with Yoga Shiromani and Yoga Bhaskar. She has a Grand Parenting E-500 T-500 from Yoga Alliance and is registered Yoga Therapist. Dr. Arora is pursuing PhD. In Metaphysical Sciences from University of Metaphysical Sciences, CA. 


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